In terms of character creation you have to start of with these to templates. The below is called "Parental Tab Template" and the box template is called "Char box"
Information and Rules/Character Creation
Aliases Char box
Journey Information
Biographical Information

The infobox itself should stay in the introduction part but if you want to put in in every section there is no rule against it. In terms of occupation, your character can be 4 things

  • Ninja (Naruto)
  • Pirate (One Piece)
  • Z-Fighter (Dragon Ball)
  • Wizard (Fairytale)

Choose wisely as you will not be able to change once you have picked an occupation. In general they are called Warriors.


When it comes to abilities there are some things certain types of warriors can not do e.g.

  • Only wizards can use magic
  • Only Pirates can have devil fruit abilities
  • Only Ninja can have bjuu
  • Only Z-Fighters can go SSJ

​Apart from that everything else is fine. Apart from OP techniques.


Summonings are basically Pokemon. A warrior can summon a pokemon to aid him in battle. You MUST create a page for your summoning(s) or it will not be accepted. To catch a summoning one must place a seal on its back for a risk of 15seconds


What naruto has taught me

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