Hikari Senshi
Journey Information
Experience 0
Ryō 0
Biographical Information
Birthdate 8/27
Gender male
Age 10
Height 5"7'
Weight 107 lb.
Blood Type A+
Tailed Beast Stardust Dragon Leader
Occupation Training
Affiliation Konoha
Family Senshi
Guild Naruto
Ninja Rank Acadamy Student(Genin)


He started going to ninja school when he was 7.


His hair is blue for some reason.His green undershirt has a reflective pasting so his shirt appears to be 2 colors.His shirt is gray with a reflective pasting also.His pants are blue with a pink bandage on his right knee from getting a scar some tie ago.In his shoulders he has secret shooters that shoots spider-like webbing so he can trap his opponents.


He can be troublesome at ties but also serious 24/7.He is curious at mostly everything so he can get distracted almost easily.


None is known is about him,he has amnesia.


He has great speed and also can use his webbings from his shooters in his arms.

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