3 years agoEdit

It was a sunny day where the townsfolk where doing their average things,with his father teaching Hikari taijutsu.Than,out of nowhere,the stardust dragon appeared,the OWCA (Organization Without a Cool Acronym) tried to hold it back stoping it from reaching the Doragonshadou.Since Hopu was in the OWCA he tried to protect his son.After 3.17 hours Hopu decided to finish it,but he would have to sacrifice his life to do it;he decided to seal it into his son,hopeing for him to use is for good one day.After Hopu sealed the SDD into Hikari,Tsuma carried her son's body to konoha for she has heard of the tales of naruto(for Hopu was once a student of the 4th hokage).However Hikari got amnesia,only remebering his name.


His grades in school are slowly improveing not knowing his past.

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