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Here at the wiki you can create and roleplay with your very own warrior, we use the animes


One Piece




Become the best in your village but first you have to get past the diabolical academy.

The story!

The main storyline of this wiki is that there are many villages, they are technically islands so people have to take a boat to get to those villages. There is a ruler over all these islands, they are known as the Kage. The Kage has been starting to experience problems as a rogue leader appears and has started to turn warriors into rogues. War is edging closer and closer and the Kage is killed in battle. A hunt for a new Kage has begun! In the story people must catch summonings. Summonings are basically pokemon. In order to catch one a warrior must engage one in combat. The summoning is theirs when they can place a capture seal on the summoning.

On the other side of the world lays the Grand Line, legend states that a famous pirate known as Gold Rodgers died there and his sink sunk with a treasure that even the Kage would dream for, since then many warriors have built up a guild and sailed towards the Grand Line only to die at the hands of the Grand Keeper known as Arkeus!

10years before all this. The Dragon Igneel attacked the planet Earth. A mysterious Z-Fighter had to transport it to another planet and engage it in combat. Igneel summoned all of its minions and placed a seal on their forehead. The people then became known as Majins and attacked the young warrior. The warrior pleaded for the people of Earth to give their energy to him. They done so without hesitation. The warrior summoned a gigantic ball made of energy. It's mass was so great radiation from the sun became apart of it he threw it and it blew up the entire planet. Pieces of Igneel were scattered around the world along with some Majin spirits that latter inhabited life forms. Legend states that if Igneel were to ever be assembled he would stronger than ever and the so ends life as we know it.

Current Arc: Kage Hunt

With the Kage dead, the 7 elders of the world decide that a new kage must be found. But with all the the ranked warriors busy or truamatrized they must send academy students. What will become of the young generation?

Newest Mission!
Pass the boarder

Hundreds of D/C ranked rogues surround the village boarders. The academy students must get passed them if they ever want to reach the "new" kages hideout. Kill every rogue but keep on alive for intel. (B ranked mission)

Helpful Pages!
Here are some helpful pages you may want to read.Edit
  • Information and Rules: Learn all about how to make a warrior and how roleplaying on this wiki works. As well as some rules on the wiki as well. If you have any questions leave a message here !

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